LaStoria Italian Bar & Grill

Nightly & Regional Specials

Each night we focus on a certain region of Italy, in addition to some early week specials. Enjoy our "Tour of Italy"

Dinner 4 2
Sunday, Monday, & Tuesday Nights
Choose 1: Anitpasti or 1/2 Traditional Pasta
Choose 2: Full Pasta or Secondi (Entree)
Choose 1: Dessert
Filet $4 Supplement
Add 1 Split Salad $3
Add a Choice Wine $62.00
Weekly Regional Specials
Monday: Regional Pasta Specials
Tuesday: Saltimbocca
Wednesday: "Brasato" Braised Meats
Thursday: Fresh Fish "Catch of The Day"
Friday: Lobster "Mac n Cheese"
Saturday: Osso Bucco & Carne, (Steak Special)
Sunday: Italian BBQ
Nightly Specials
Sunday, "Family Suppers": 4 Courses $19.95 pp, Family Style
Monday, "Pasta del Giorno": Pasta for two with Salad $25.00
Tuesday, "Di Gusto": Dinner for 2 including a Bottle of Wine.
"Winey" Wednesday: Take $10 Off Any Bottle of Wine. With the Purchase of 2 Full size Pasta Entrees or Secondi Courses Including Nightly Specials
"Tini" Thursday (Tuscan Bar area only): Complimentary Pizzetti with a Martini
Winter Cocktails
Key Lime Pie: Vanilla Svedka, Midori, Lime, Graham Crust
Caramel Sour Apple Martini: Svedka Citron, Butterscotch Schnapps, Apple Puckers
Hot Apple Cider Martini: Svedka Vanilla, Capt Morgan Spiced Rum, Warm Apple Cider, Cinnamon Sugar Rim
Mocha Martini: Kahlua, 3 Olives Chocolate Vodka, Baileys
"White & Blue" Winter Storm: Orange Vodka, Blue Curacao, Frangelico, Crème de Cacao
Carrot Cake: Baileys, Butter Shots, Goldslager, Graham Crust
Espresso We Made Famous!: Svedka Vanilla, Kahlua, touch of Frangelico, Espresso
Negroni "An Italian Classic": Campari, Vermouth, & Gin

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